Fashion & Art Prints Exhibition

October  03, 2019

Press Release

PURPLEHAZE #001 Fashion Prints Exhibition + Gallery Opening

Purplehaze Magazine Purplehaze Fashion & Art Magazine announces two major events that will take place on October, 3 — #001 Fashion Art Prints Exhibition and the grand opening of PH Gallery.
Purplehaze chaired by its editor-in-chief and curator Irina Rusinovich has been presenting works of the emerging artists and designers since 2017, thus providing support for the young and well established talents. The first exhibition organized as a part of #001 Print ISSUE was a success, so we continue going offline, creating showcases on a continuous basis.

PURPLEHAZE Gallery opening will take place on October, 3 in the wake of the upcoming Berlin Photo Week which is to come a week later. The Gallery focuses on contemporary art and fashion photography, so will be the welcoming exhibition.

The #001 Fashion and Art Prints Exhibition features works of such talented artists as Alexander Medvedev, Seigar, Noam Eckhaus, Anna Priakhina, Francesca Matricciani, Marcos Rodriguez Velo, Nadezhda Rodionova, Michael Willian, Ben Fourmi, Elizabeth Anstensen, Sasha Grigg, Raya Cohen & Eldad Tzadok, Simone Steenberg, Ramses Radi. The Exhibition covers the best prints from the second Purplehaze issue and suggests the viewer a multidimensional perspective on fashion photography, which comes to be too varied to be considered just glamorous.