LAVAZZA introduced their new calendar for 2020: Earth CelebrAction

The Italian coffee company Lavazza has introduced a new calendar for 2020, embodying the idea of an indestructible connection between man and nature. The photographer for the calendar was David Lachapelle, an outstanding American photographer who has been working with the brand for the third time.


Since 1993, the Lavazza brand annually publishes a calendar that reflects the personality of one of the most beloved Italian brands worldwide. In 2020, the company decided to pay tribute to nature in the Earth CelebrAction photo project, which praises the power of beauty, backed by the idea of action: each of us is able to do something to protect the environment.


David LaChapelle revealed this topic in his characteristic poetic manner, proposing a symbolic story in which the classical elements - fire, water, earth and air - are combined in the presence of man in breathtaking natural scenarios. A pupil of Andy Warhol and an outstanding figure in the period of the sparkling glamor of the 1990s and the cult of celebrities, in recent years Lachapelle turned to the problems of ecology and landscape photography. But from this, his recognizable style did not lose his dazzling aesthetics. Twelve months of the year is a hymn to life and the transforming power of beauty that can awaken and enlighten people, revealing to them the deep connection between humanity and the environment and emphasizing the interaction of all living creatures. The Earth CelebrAction photo project manifesto calls for openness in relations with our planet: to recognize its importance, to pay attention to her needs, to respect her as our mother and to care for her, which means taking care of ourselves.


“We have observed the evolution of David Lachapel's views towards the problems of sustainable development and environmental protection. Our calendar has evolved in parallel, ”explains Francesca Lavazza, a member of the board of directors of Lavazza Group. —The 2020 calendar, called Earth CelebraAction, is a way to pay tribute to the beauty of nature and encourage people to take care of it. We must protect the Earth as our place of residence, take care of its inhabitants. The aesthetic power of Lachapelle's photographs reflects the desire to use art as a tool to create new relationships between the Earth and us, people. The calendar remains the perfect tool to stimulate critical reflection on the present and use beauty to attract and inspire people. Because for us, taking care of nature is an art.


A master of photography, Lachapelle agreed to a new experiment in the art of photography to tell a story through photographs of the beauties of nature. “For me, working on the Lavazza Earth CelebrAction calendar was an ideal opportunity to embark on an imaginary journey to an idyllic paradise where man and nature coexist in harmony. I am grateful for the complete freedom of expression granted to me by a company that I respect and that respects the planet. And finally, I am pleased to create photographs, which I am completely satisfied with, ”commented David Lachapelle on cooperation with Lavazza.

The 2020 calendar reflects Lavazza’s attention to the challenges of sustainable development and the future of the planet in the form of a poetic study of beauty and in an attempt to restore communication with the environment. It all started in 2015 with a trilogy dedicated to the Earth Defenders, from Steve McCurry, Joey Lawrence and Denis Rouvre. Photographers showed the faces of people who protect our planet every day. The search for powerful human stories was continued by the photographer Plato. In 2018, he dedicated the project “2030: What are you doing?” 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. 2019 was the year of Ami Vitale, a former photographer for National Geographic magazine and one of the main photographers of our time. Her calendar consisted of six nature art projects in Thailand, Morocco, Switzerland, Colombia, Kenya and Belgium. Photos of the Lachapelle project were taken in Hawaii, where the photographer lived for several years at an eco-farm. It was there that he became interested in landscape photography and focused on the environment. The vision of the photographer, which coincides with the views of the company, gives us the opportunity to look at the Earth as a place that needs to be protected and protected, preserving its beauty.


Photos of David LaChapelle for the new Lavazza calendar for 2020 became the anthem of the newfound connection of man and nature