Artists in isolation: 5 exciting stories


Quarantine has made our lives more difficult. Artists aren’t an exception. Stress, suspense and the world turbulence must have worked on their mood and the inspiration behind.  


But… I believe they didn’t. I’ve collected 5 stories about artists thinking outside the box during the quarantine.  


#1. FaceTime photoshoot


Alessio Albi, an italian photographer, made a lot of noise with his FaceTime photoshoots. He moved his art into the digital space and created the first online photoshoot in the world. 


More importantly, he inspired photographers from all over the world to continue making art in isolation. Thank you, Alessio! 



#2. Quarantine art club


American artist and children’s book illustrator Carson Ellis had an amazing idea. He started the QAC – Quarantine Art Club – on his blog. Artists and any people stuck at home can take a part in daily assignments. 


There are not just inspiring quotes and speeches in the QAC. Carson Ellis even teaches how to make an illustration in his style. 


#3. Online Beethoven 


The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra’s musicians have over 2 million views on their video in less than two weeks. They’ve introduced a technology to record a symphony concert of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy… online. 


Could you even imagine that – a huge orchestra recording a virtual rendition from their homes?


#4. Balcony concerts 


Let’s talk about music again: this story is about a violinist from an orchestra in Milan, Italy named Aldo Sebastián Cicchini. He had a part in a project of one of the most famous and historic Italian opera houses. But all his work had stopped when the COVID-19 pandemic started in his country. 


Guess what he did – he gave a concert right on his balcony and continued creating small solo concerts on his own. I hope his neighbors enjoy classical music. 


#5. A young street artist’s depiction


Quarantine stalemated street artists more than anybody else – they can’t create from home. Graffiti artist S.F. – sixteen years old Greek – painted a picture of a woman despite the lockdown. This graffiti on the roof of a building in Athens tells us about domestic violence which worryingly raises during the quarantine.


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